Pants suit imperative

By The Madison County Record | Jun 29, 2007

To the editor:

It's refreshing to see the judge who sued a mom-and-pop dry cleaners for $54 million in order to replace his missing pair of pants lost in court. This frivolous lawsuit is the very kind which congests our court system and makes it difficult for people with legitimate claims to get their cases heard.

This case is a stark reminder that every single day personal injury lawyers are making it their life mission to play the lawsuit lottery by suing whomever, whenever for how much ever they possibly can.

It's imperative that we work to change the climate in our legal system to ensure that those with legitimate claims are able to get their cases heard in a timely manner. This requires activism on the part of the people to call their legislators and demand comprehensive reform to our civil justice system.

It further requires legislators to begin standing up for consumers and small business owners and not personal injury lawyers.

If we work together to get a better civil justice system and work to put an end to personal injury lawyers filing frivolous lawsuits, then people with real claims can get their cases heard quickly and we, as consumers and small business owners, won't suffer while personal injury continue to pad their pockets.

Lance Trover, Executive Director
Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch

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