Madison County Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron on Friday morning granted Troy police officer Clarence Jackson's motion to vacate a $311,700 default judgment that was leveled against him for not answering a lawsuit.

In granting the motion, Byron -- who last month awarded the judgment in favor of Edwardsville attorney Amanda Verett's for a shoulder injury claim -- said he generally grants such motions unless there is compelling evidence indicating he should rule otherwise.

Verett sued Jackson and the Pizza Hut in Troy over a door-opening incident that occurred Feb. 12. In her lawsuit filed in March, Verett alleged she was injured when walking out the door of the restaurant while holding open the door to allow herself and Jackson to exit.

She claimed Jackson grabbed the door in such a fashion that it caused the door to suddenly and sharply move and injure her right shoulder.

Shortly after Byron vacated the judgment against Jackson, Verett's attorney, Thomas Maag, filed an appeal.

Earlier in the week, Jackson filed documents stating he never even came into physical contact with Verett during the incident.

And, sworn affidavits filed by Troy officials, including the police chief and assistant city administrator, claim the reason Jackson was at the Pizza Hut in the first place was because Verett and her male law partner were causing a disturbance. Jackson was responding to a 911 call.

Steve Gonzalez contributed to this report.

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