Wrongful death suit claims 'high fall risk' was not appreciated

By Ann Knef | Jun 25, 2007

The estate of Peter Stamboldjiev filed a wrongful death complaint against Gateway Regional Medical Center and Timothy Hipskind, M.D. in Madison County Circuit Court May 29, seeking damages in excess of $200,000.

According to the complaint, Stamboldjiev was admitted to Gateway on May 4, 2006, and placed under the care of Dr. Hipskind.

The estate alleges Gateway knew, or should have known, that Stamboldjiev presented a high fall risk.

Stamboldjiev's estate claims that despite that knowledge Gateway and Hipskind negligently:

  • failed to assess Stamboldjiev for fall risk;

  • failed to identify Stamboldjiev as a fall risk on the admission assessment;

  • failed to appreciate Stamboldjiev's risk for fall;

  • failed to appropriately recognize Stamboldjiev's mental status change and confusion during his hospitalization;

  • failed to address injury/safety as a potential problem;

  • assumed Stamboldjiev would not get out of bed; and

  • failed to place Stamboldjiev near the nursing station for frequent observation.

    His estate also alleges that the hospital failed to obtain an order for an electronic monitor to be alerted when he attempted to leave his bed and also alleges the hospital failed to obtain an order for a sitter in a timely manner.

    Stamboldjiev's estate claims that he fell on May 5, 2006, sustaining personal injuries that caused great pain and suffering, expenses for medical care, and ultimately caused or contributed to his death on May 29, 2006.

    The estate is represented by Ross Anderson of the Rex Carr Law Firm in East St. Louis.

    The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder.

    07 L 485

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