Bank of Tillery

by The Madison County Record |
Jun. 17, 2007, 5:00am

John Edwards

Stephen Tillery

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards relied heavily on trial lawyer cash during his failed bid for the White House in 2004. He vowed his fund-raising efforts this time around would be "far more diversified."

Oh, those pesky campaign promises! The ex-med mal lawyer-- a multi-millionaire himself-- made a stop in St. Louis last week for an irresistible tete-a-tete with local lawyers at an exclusive fundraiser.

While in the neighborhood, he also carved out some quality time for his old pal Stephen Tillery, who has amassed gobs of greenbacks working the Metro-East courts. Just recently, Tillery reeled in $16.8 million in legal fees from GlaxoSmithKline after settling a nationwide class action over the prescription medication Paxil.

Later in the day, Edwards traveled to Chicago for two more fundraisers, one just a few steps from Tillery's posh new $4.75 million custom penthouse apartment overlooking Lake Michigan.

Lifestyles of the rich and litigious...

Knocks on MOX

Speaking of trial lawyers and their public service, KMOX talk-show host Charlie Brennan read from several Record articles last Thursday morning as a complement to the news that Edwards was gracing St. Louis with his presence.

Brennan railed on the east side's lawsuit factory, as he occasionally does, singling out some of our more outrageous recent headlines, including the "Pizza Hut plaintiff," the $5 bet-kid suing Ameren and the woman who slipped on the floor at the Ameristar Casino in St. Charles.

The top-rated morning drive host is a faithful Record reader-- just like you!


Dicta snoops say that either Dennis Orsey or Kyle Napp will fill Lewis Mallott's vacancy on the bench.

Orsey is a former assistant Illinois attorney general to Neil Hartigan who once worked as an assistant Madison County state's attorney. He's currently in private practice in Granite City.

Napp is one of Madison County State's Attorney Bill Mudge's top criminal prosecutors. She routinely prosecutes high-profile cases.

If either Orsey or Napp are chosen, it will be three associate judge selections in a row from the alumni ranks of the State's Attorney office.

Good Luck

After 36 years working in the Madison County Circuit Clerk's office, Sandy Jackson, a supervisor in the family division, retired June 15.

Courthouse employees, judges and attorneys attended a retirement party for her in the jury assembly room on her last day.

Gina Hargrave will become the new supervisor.

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