Court shortcomings

By The Madison County Record | Jun 10, 2007

To the editor:

To the editor:

Finally, some sanity in the travesty of an attorney suing an establishment and the person she held a door for. I was aghast when the suit was filed. I was more perturbed when it wasn't dismissed out of hand for its frivolity and then I learned it was an attorney as Plaintiff. That sure explained the extent of its absurdity!

However, my indignation over its idiocy was amplified when the $311,700 default judgment was issued from the bench of infamous Judge Nicholas Byron.

There are lawsuits (some equally frivolous) that have been languishing in the Madison County courts for quite a few years but an Edwardsville attorney can get a bench judgment against a public servant in just three short months!

In my opinion, this case and this judgment point up the multitude of shortcomings remaining in the actual meting out of justice in the Madison County Courts.

Chief Judge Anne Callis has made dents in the "good ole boy system" here, but she has her work cut out for her to bring respect back to this county's integrity. I believe she is up to the challenge.

Lawsuits like the Pizza Hut good Samaritan attorney suing the person she "helped" make the things Callis has done pale into the background. Does anyone else want justice and respect to return to the Madison County Courts?

Nanette Clark

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