Almost one year after allegations of sexual assault were revealed in a civil lawsuit against Madison County attorney Thomas Lakin, some of his accusers paid a visit to the federal courthouse in East St. Louis on Tuesday.

Several plaintiffs and some witnesses in the case against Lakin, the Lakin Law Firm, as well as Bradley Lakin and Kristopher Lakin, were seen entering and exiting the grand jury room on the third floor at the Melvin Price Courthouse.

Plaintiff's attorney Eddie Unsell of East Alton would not confirm that his clients were at the courthouse.

Unsell represents plaintiffs who sued Lakin, founder of the Lakin Law Firm and a powerful figure in Madison County politics, in St. Clair County. The allegations involve sexual abuse of minors -- including a 15-year-old boy -- cocaine use and cover-up.

Unsell's clients had already testified before a federal grand jury last May shortly after they filed the civil suit.

Federal grand jury proceedings are closed to the public.

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