Nurse claims doctor's 'outrageous' behavior damaged her emotionally

By Steve Gonzalez | Apr 16, 2007

A nurse at Gateway Regional Medical Center filed an eight-count suit against Charles Bishop, M.D. and the hospital in Madison County Circuit Court April 9, claiming she suffered severe emotional distress due to Bishop's conduct.

Christine Walker claims Bishop, an anesthesiologist, engaged in a pattern of crude, lascivious and other unacceptable conduct that was designed to inflict severe and emotional distress on her.

According to Walker, from mid-April 2005, up until the end of October 2006, Bishop would engage in outrageous conduct including:

  • Placing a bag of IV fluids in his pants and requesting the nursing staff to "feel it;"

  • Simulated masturbation in front of her during medical procedures at the hospital;

  • Asked her to demonstrate a specific and particular sex act while in the operating room at Gateway; and

  • Exposed his genitalia to her and other medical staff following medical procedures.

    Walker also claims that Bishop grabbed her from behind and placed his hands on her hips and buttocks, rubbed up against her and simulated sexual intercourse.

    She also claims Bishop un-hooked her bra during a medical procedure, forced her to sit on his lap and also that he placed his tongue in her ear during a medical procedure.

    Walker claims she has been greatly damaged and has experienced severe and emotional distress, has been humiliated, suffered psychological disorders and has suffered a loss of normal life.

    Her husband, Leland Walker, also is seeking damages claiming he has been deprived of the care and affection of his wife.

    The Walkers are seeking compensatory damages in excess of $400,000 and punitive damages in excess of $400,000.

    They are represented by John Hopkins of Edwardsville.

    The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge David Hylla.

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