Cahokia Nursing & Rehab Center, Memorial Hospital and Ouedraogo Basga Bernard, M.D. are named in a St. Clair County medical negligence suit over the care of a patient whose leg had to be amputated.

Rose Marie Butler, the daughter of Richard Oberlender, filed suit March 7 claiming the defendants were negligent for failing to properly treat her father's right heel pressure ulcer which became infected.

Oberlender was admitted to Memorial Hospital on Feb. 27, 2002, for treatment of right hip and thigh pain. He was transferred to Cahokia Nursing and Rehab Center on March 6, 2002, with a diagnosis of Stage I-II pressure ulcer on his right heel.

"Decedent, Richard Oberlender's condition deteriorated, specifically his right heel pressure ulcer significantly worsened and he was forced to have his right leg amputated on April 2, 2002," the complaint states.

According to the suit, the defendants are negligent for failing to properly assess Oberlender's condition or to prevent or treat the development of decubitus ulcers, and for, among other things, failing to:

  • Timely refer him to qualified physicians or facilities;

  • Properly cleanse Oberlender to maintain proper sanitation;

  • Adequately turn him to relieve pressure on his heel;

  • Properly document his health condition;

  • Provide proper hydration;

  • Provide adequately trained staff;

  • Provide adequate bedding; and

  • Timely culture the patient's decubitus ulcers to determine whether they had become infected.

    Dr. Bernard, an employee or agent of Cahokia Nursing & Rehab, allegedly failed to visit, observe or assess Oberlender on a timely basis, the complaint states.

    He also allegedly failed to follow-up on indications of infection, failed to properly assess the need for pain medications and antibiotics, and failed to provide any pain relief.

    Butler is represented by David N. Damick of the Law Offices of David N. Damick in St. Louis.

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