Vietnam vet calls Ameren's rate hike 'unconscionable' in suit

By Steve Gonzalez | Mar 15, 2007

A Mount Vernon man filed suit against Ameren IP in U.S. District Court March 13, claiming Ameren IP's rate hike was "unconscionable."

In his handwritten complaint, Frederick Price asks District Judge Michael Reagan to grant him "latitude of law, rules, regulations and procedures" because of his "lack of education and legal profession."

Price states he is an honorably discharged, combat, disabled Vietnam veteran and has combat disabilities and asks that Reagan understand that his abilities in spelling, wording and writing are at times limited.

He also informs Reagan that he is "not seeking 15 minutes of fame" but does seek damages "with passion, equal rights, equal privileges and equal justice."

Price claims Ameren IP's reasons for a rate hike were a "manipulation, a lie and a fraud against the customers of Illinois."

He claims he will have no choice but to sign up for the Ameren IP customer elect plan which will require him to re-pay deferred amounts of portions of the increase, plus 3.25 percent in interest.

Price claims Ameren IP's actions bring into question the "hidden monetary reasons that establish unjust prejudice against the poor and disabled residents of Illinois who are forced to accept that Ameren has established a powerful monopoly."

Price does not ask Reagan for anything but states he does seek "the protection of justice under the constitutional law of the United States."

Reagan has yet to set a hearing on the case.

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