U.S. Senator Dick Durbin was awarded a distinction that should not go unnoticed by Illinois voters.

Durbin was ranked as the most liberal U.S. Senator in the nation by National Journal, a non-partisan magazine that covers the Beltway.

Since his election in 1996, Durbin has been the Manchurian Candidate of the radical left. He is an unrepentant assassin of the truth with a disarming, soft-spoken manner that belies his myopic partisanship.

Dick Durbin is Michael Moore with the self-respect to practice good hygiene.

Nowhere was Durbin's vicious, liberal hysteria more evident than when, in 2005, he called Guantanamo Bay a death camp-despite the fact that no prisoners ever died at Gitmo-and compared U.S. military treatment of terrorist suspects to that of the regimes of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot.

No weepy apology on the Senate floor will make the National Journal moniker disappear, however.

84 key Senate votes across the gamut of issues were examined by National Journal and Dick Durbin beat out loony bra-burners like Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer-two individuals who would be more comfortable serving in the Duma than in Congress-as the Senator most likely to give Fidel Castro's eulogy.

Ironically, it wasn't always this way with Dick Durbin. Once upon time when he was a lowly Congressman from central Illinois, Durbin was even a pro-lifer who advocated for the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Today, he makes Peter Singer look like Phyllis Schlafly.

It is this kind of mind-numbing hypocrisy presented, as he does, with such specious earnestness, that makes Durbin so insufferable.

The fact that he is now Number Two in the Senate speaks to the rewards for the intellectually-barren and integrity-deficient in our hallowed halls of power.

And our senior Senator continues to evolve. In one breath he speaks to issues like minority enfranchisement and in the next he blocks qualified judicial nominees like Miguel Estrada from getting a vote on the Senate floor.

Only in a state where Republicans have virtually lost the will to live could such a grotesque Kafka-esque creature like Dick Durbin not only survive but flourish.

Not that Durbin believes in such things, but God help us.

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