Rep. Tom Cross

Rep. Bill Mitchell

Rep. Joann Osmond

SPRINGFIELD -- Asking citizens to contribute ideas and get engaged in the debate about how to improve Illinois, House Republican Leader Tom Cross announced the creation of a website called
that is designed to serve as a forum for idea creation and discussion.

"We are looking for new, innovative ideas," Cross stated in a press release. "Failed policies of the past, closed door deal making and legislation from special interest groups have created a culture of cynicism and disengagement."

According to State Rep. Bill Mitchell, each year many legislative initiatives are a result of local townhall meetings. Now, the 102 ideas plan will take this local effort statewide.

"Illinois families face critical challenges," Mitchell stated. "Families wonder how they can afford college, if they have access to healthcare? It only makes sense to have a dialogue with them to see how we can work together to find solutions." "

State Rep. Joann Osmond said lawmakers will have access to all the ideas submitted and many may be drafted into legislation.

"New ideas being generated from families across Illinois could have a profound impact on how we approach lawmaking," Osmond said.

Cross said the ideas will be posted periodically on the website and will allow for public debate and discussion.

"If people want to change the way things are done in Springfield, then we need to change the way we approach generating ideas and engaging the public," Cross said. "We are excited about this program."

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