As state senators return to Springfield for a new legislative session, minority leader State Sen. Frank Watson (R-Greenville), has this to say about tort reform:

"Our biggest concern is that with the current political makeup of the General Assembly (we don't) see a reversal of any of the tort reform language, legislation that has been moved ahead.

"Of course with Democrats in total control here, it does make a difference as to what the potential would be for unraveling what has been done and the progress that has been made.

"As far as any additional reforms, I would be very surprised. Although we will continue to push forward--I will personally--on many issues dealing with tort reform. Certainly, that which would affect the corporate world.

"That biggest part of the problem we have addressed--medical malpractice, but tort reform and the impact it has on bringing jobs to Illinois and expanding our economic base, more needs to be done, a great deal.

"So that to me is paramount as far as what we're doing here in Springfield, is we need additional reforms outside of medical malpractice.

"Having said that, the political makeup will make it very difficult."

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