A man who claims he injured himself at the Murphysboro Wal-Mart filed suit in U.S. District Court Feb. 2.

Linus Marion was assisting his wife into their vehicle when his foot came into contact with a crack and/or hole on the parking lot and it caused him to fall.

Marion claims Wal-Mart is negligent by:

  • Permitting a crack or hole to be present on the access way to its store;

  • Failing to inspect its access way to discover the presence of the crack or hole when such an inspection would have revealed that the area was unsafe;

  • Failing to repair the crack or hole; and

  • Failing to warn the him about the unsafe condition of the property.

    He claims he fell down sustaining personal injuries causing pain, suffering, medical expenses and loss of a normal life.

    Represented by Mark Prince of Carbondale, Marion is seeking damages in excess of $75,000.

    The case has been assigned to District Judge David Herndon.

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