Legislature to blame for utility rates

By The Madison County Record | Feb 4, 2007

To the editor:

I recently read an article concerning the Ameren IP rate increases and Sen. Bill Haine's remarks as a member of the Illinois Senate Environmental and Energy Committee.

This is a prime example of our state government passing legislation which helped consumers 10 years ago, only to double the cost to consumers today. We need a long-term approach to issues facing the citizens of Illinois.

The state needs to regulate and monitor corruption within our free market system, but in this case froze the utility rates 10 years ago and eliminated an issue which needed to remain alive.

Consumers can more easily address a 10 percent increase per year than a 100 percent increase in one year. The consumer could have also pushed for other energy solutions within that time frame, but our legislature chose a political solution, which was wrong-headed and ineffective.

We now have a senator pointing fingers at the money-hungry utility company, which provides life-giving energy to our residents and business, for without, we would be in the dark.

Ameren IP is not without responsibility and should be held accountable, but the legislatures are the ones at fault in this matter.

Senator Haine said, "It looks as if rather than a sedan, Ameren is driving a semi through these homeowners. Ameren is riding rough shot over the consumer."

I'm sorry senator. You're directing traffic and you pointed that semi right at us while looking the other way.

David J. Sherrill

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