Attorney Richard Burke's suit against his former employer, the Lakin Law Firm, claims the firm owes him a portion of the proceeds from the Dec. 22 settlement of a class action.

Burke himself presented the settlement to Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian, in the case of Angela Knight v. Homecomings Financial Network.

Knight claimed Homecomings charged an improper $25 fee for a facsimile transmission when closing a mortgage.

Burke told Matoesian the parties settled through mediation with retired judge Thomas Rakowski of Chicago.

"Ultimately what we reached was a cash settlement for approximately 80 percent of the claim, which is a very good return," Burke said.

"Upon the filing of a claim form, you would get 80 percent of the twenty-five dollars minus five dollars - in other words, 80 percent of 20 which is 16," he said.

"The reason for the five dollar discount is that there is a cost related to the fax fee, which we believe to be a reasonable setoff amount."

Burke said 650,000 persons would receive notice of the settlement.

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