Gateway Connector opposition

By The Madison County Record | Jan 21, 2007

To the editor:

To the editor:

The proposed "Gateway Connector," the unnecessary new highway to run from Troy down to the Waterloo-Columbia area, is causing severe problems for all the property owners along the proposed route. I'm talking about all the residents along Scott-Troy Road from Troy to Interstate 64.

Here's the problem: None of us can do anything with our property. We can't sell it, lease it, build on it or anything else until a decision is made to either construct this pipe dream or not.

Can you imagine living under that situation? Imagine you're in your 60s or 70s and want to sell your property and retire. Well, you can't. How would you like to be in a situation like that? The state says it could be 10 years before we have an answer.

On top of all that, this road is another big waste of Illinois taxpayer money. We can already travel from Troy to the Waterloo-Columbia area on interstate highways that are already built and paid for (I-64 to I-255).

This state is just wasting your money again and you may be the next family affected by craziness like this. Tell your lawmakers you (or we) don't want or need this white elephant. Illinois taxes are already too high.

Cynthia Smith
Springfield, Mo.

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