Med mal committee formed in Madison County

By Steve Gonzalez | Jan 11, 2007

Madison County Chief Judge Ann Callis announced the creation of a Medical–Legal committee, to address malpractice issues specific to Madison County.

Callis named Circuit Judge Dave Hylla, and Associate Judges Steve Stobbs and Tom Chapman to head the committee.

Callis said, "These judges are willing to go out into the community and talk to doctors, medical professionals, and lawyers, to have a real dialogue on specific concerns about medical malpractice, and how it relates to the Madison County Judicial system."

She said the judges eventually will report back to the Circuit, who will look into formulating new rules or procedures as they relate to medical malpractice cases.

"I am looking forward to real communication between all parties, without the traditional constraints of a formal meeting, to foster meaningful measures that will better serve the people of Madison County," Hylla said.

Stobbs added, "Our goal is to move forward and begin to create a more open atmosphere for the medical community, and for all citizens in Madison County."

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