Jack stand manufacturer sued by injured man

By Ann Knef | Jan 2, 2007

A Mascoutah man is suing an auto parts manufacturer in St. Clair County Circuit Court claiming injuries after a two-ton jack stand collapsed onto his right leg.

Monty L. Pickell filed suit against Florida-based Rally Manufacturing, Inc. on counts of strict liability and negligence. Pickell claims the company's "2 Ton Jack Stands" gave way while he was working on his vehicle's front end at his home on July 28, 2005.

According to the complaint filed Dec. 28, Pickell was accompanied by his two minor children who were seated on or near the ground and in close proximity to the front driver's side of the vehicle when the incident occurred.

"That at said time and place, the jack stand closest to plaintiff and his minor children began to bend, collapse and otherwise fail or malfunction, causing plaintiff's vehicle to lurch toward plaintiff and his minor children," the complaint states.

Pickell claims he was using the jack stand in an appropriate manner and that the product "was not altered in any manner whatsoever."

Represented by Alvin C. Paulson of Becker, Paulson, Hoerner & Thompson of Belleville, Pickell is seeking in excess of $300,000 in damages.

He claims the jack stands were defectively designed because they could not support the weight specifications for which they were commercially rated.

Pickell also alleges that the defendant failed to adequately warn of the potential danger in using the jack stands.

"...the only purported warning on said jack stands, themselves, was not printed in such a manner so as to assure that an ordinary user's attention would be attracted thereto, to wit: The warning's lettering is less than one-twelfth of one inch tall, fails to include any weight restrictions whatsoever, and is located on the side of the jack opposite the ratchet latch and product label," the complaint states.

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