2006 Timeline: Newsmakers keep ink flowing

By The Madison County Record | Dec 31, 2006

Carol Kugler The 2006 general election by far had the greatest impact on our courts here in the Metro-East. But before and after, lawsuits were filed, hearings were held, verdicts were reached, decisions were made.

Carol Kugler

Phil Green

Lloyd Cueto

John Baricevic

The 2006 general election by far had the greatest impact on our courts here in the Metro-East. But before and after, lawsuits were filed, hearings were held, verdicts were reached, decisions were made.

From beginning to end, here are the biggest headlines of 2006:

Jan. 7: Paul Evans announced he will run against Lloyd Cueto
Jan. 9: Gordon Maag's defamation suit dismissed for second time
Jan. 11: Former judge Tom Hildebrand's suspension is upheld by ARDC review board
Jan. 11: Peel wants Weber disqualified from Lakin class action
Jan. 19: Watson introduced "Cueto law"
Jan. 23: Gary Peel sues son, ex-wife, and The Record
Jan. 31: First sentences handed down in East St. Louis vote buying scheme
Feb. 1: Judge Weber presides over first trial
Feb. 8: Crowder signs emergency order against Cassens, case assigned to Weber
Feb. 8: Tom Maag leaves Lakin firm to work with Wendler
Feb. 15: Judge Moran leaves office, creates vacancy
Feb. 22: ISBA poll snubs Republican candidates
Feb. 28: Retired Judge Lola Maddox tapped to fill Moran vacancy
March 1: Weber files affidavit defending himself on bias accusation
March 2: Jury reaches defense verdict in Madison County trial
March 15: Kugler announces she will run against Hoffman
March 22: Gary Peel indicted on child porn, obstruction, and fraud charges
March 22: Hildebrand suspended from law indefinitely
March 23: Peel loses job at Lakin Law firm
March 27: Ferguson holds hearing to decide if Weber biased against Lakin Firm
March 29: Callis elected Chief Judge, takes over in May
March 30: Ferguson rules Lakin cases to remain on Weber's docket
April 4: High court refused to hear Elam appeal
April 5: McMorrow announces she will retire in July
April 5: Madison County will add new associate judgeship
April 13: Peel pleas "emphatically not guilty" to charges of bankruptcy fraud, obstruction of justice and two counts of child pornography
April 20: Peel withdraws from all Lakin cases
April 24: Appellate court rules casino workers are seamen and can sue under the Jones Act
May 1: Callis takes over as Madison County Chief Judge, Ferguson assigned to criminal
May 2: Callis announced judge shopping reform
May 5: Illinois Supreme Court refuses to re-hear Price case
May 9: Amiel Cueto seeks $45 million in punitive damages for busted ESL land deal
May 12: Lakins named in sexual assault suit
May 12: Defense verdict reached in med-mal trial
May 17: Lakin accusers tell their story to federal grand jury
May 18: Lakins file suit against accusers claiming extortion
May 24: Callis puts brakes on forum shoppers
May 30: Herndon recuses himself from Peel criminal case
June 1: Tillery files class action against Allstate
June 6: Alton attorney Steve Stobbs named as associate judge
June 7: Lakin files class action against State Farm
June 7: Weber dismisses 'fatally defective' class action
June 9: Phil Green nominated to replace U.S. Attorney
June 14: Sexual assault case against Lakin re-filed in St. Clair County
June 16: ICJL files complaint against Cueto
June 16: Coburn named as special prosecutor against Lakin
June 19: Phillip Morris gets $2.15 billion back from county
June 28: Stack, Crowder appointed to chair arbitration committee
June 28: Weber dismisses Lakin $30 courier fee class action
June 29: Unsell files motion to dismiss Lakin countersuit
July 6: Cueto's election bid may be challenged
July 10: Justices toss Lakin class action against US Bank
July 12: Legal ethics professor says Cueto's candidacy not valid
July 12: GEICO passes 'Avery' test, dismissal marks end of era
July 18: Stack replaces Byron as chief of civil division
July 19: ATLA votes in favor of name change
July 21: Maddox rejects suggestion that Madison County is overwhelmed
July 27: Arbitration program ok'd in Third Circuit
July 28: Maddox dismisses Lakin class action
Aug. 1: Summary judgment for Airborne upheld by appellate court
Aug. 3: Sims asks for clemency
Aug. 3: Governor sprinkles another $1 million on Simmons' baseball dream
Aug. 8: Atrazine poses no harm, EPA finds
Aug. 9: Peel wants charges dropped
Aug. 14: Thomas Lakin gives up law license
Aug. 16: Stack dismisses extortion suit filed by Lakin
Aug. 22: Mental Health Court introduced in Third Circuit
Aug. 22: Peel misled prosecutors during evidence search
Aug. 24: Stack tosses loan fee class action
Aug. 31: 'Judge shopping' rule challenged by Tillery firm
Sept. 5: Cueto's name is certified for November ballot
Sept. 7: SMASH supports retention of Madison County judges
Sept. 12: SMASH endorses Weber and Hackett
Sept. 12: Peel's wife sues The Record
Sept. 14: Maddox rules no cause of action in fax fee class action
Sept. 14: Bathon criticizes Prenzler for ties to 'extreme' organization
Sept: 14: Med mal attorney dismisses suit for fear of Judge Weber
Sept. 21: New class action in Madison County marks 400th since 2000
Oct. 3: Amiel Cueto's appeal rejected by U.S. Supreme Court
Oct. 3: Treasurer's son beats up funeral home director
Oct. 10: Stiehl denies Peel's motions to dismiss
Oct. 16: Appellate Judge Terrence Hopkins dies
Oct. 17: 'No harm, no foul,' the Fifth reverses $8.5 million judgment
Oct. 18: Trial lawyers' profits dwarf business revenue in Illinois, report shows
Oct. 26: Appellate Court upholds summary judgment for FedEx
Oct. 26: Prenzler claims Bathon running business on taxpayer time
Oct. 31: Attorneys' fees $16.8 million in Paxil class settlement
Nov. 2: U.S. Attorney not letting up on Peel
Nov. 2: Gordon Maag's appeal turned down by Fifth
Nov. 7: Madison County judges easily win retention
Nov. 7: Crowder, Hylla easily win election
Nov. 7: Cueto tops Evans
Nov. 7: Stewart defeats McGlynn
Nov. 8: Bouncing on trampoline not an exact science, judge rules
Nov. 10: 'Burroughs' dropped from firm name; now known as 'Hepler Broom'
Nov. 15: Defense verdict reached in Madison County weld trial
Nov. 15: Weber dismisses class action against H&R Block
Nov. 16: First Banks check fee case dismissed by Weber
Nov. 27: U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear Price v. Philip Morris
Nov. 29: Asbestos down, but out-of-state plaintiffs dominate
Nov. 30: Lakin asks for last minute Weber substitution; claims judge is biased toward firm
Dec. 1: Judge Maddox puts exclamation on career
Dec. 4: St. Clair and Madison County judges sworn in
Dec. 4: Third Circuit adopts mandatory arbitration program
Dec. 6: Lakin sexual assault case continued
Dec. 6: Judge Young arrested for DUI; Chief Judge is passenger
Dec. 7: Coon firm files another batch of asbestos-silicosis suits in Madison County
Dec. 12: Maddox tosses class action on last day in office
Dec. 13: Baricevic elected temporary chief in 20th Circuit
Dec. 13: Defendants have banner year in Madison County
Dec. 18: Baricevic appoints Marion attorney in Young DUI case
Dec. 20: ARDC files complaint against Tom Lakin

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