A Madison County family that was injured when pool chemicals exploded filed suit Dec. 4, claiming Makin Waves Pool failed to give proper instructions on how to use the chemicals.

Terry and Robert Mellenthin and their two minor daughters claim Terry went to Makin Waves to purchase pool chemicals and to receive instructions on how to use the chemicals on May 22.

The family claims Makin gave written and verbal instructions on the use of the pool chemicals including "Shock."

According to the complaint, Makin Waves negligently failed to give Terry proper instructions on the use of pool chemicals, failed to warn her of the risks of the chemicals and failed to properly train employees on how to give proper instructions on the use of chemicals they sell.

"Terry was using said chemicals and was following Makin's instructions when an explosion occurred," the complaint states.

The family claims each suffered burns to their faces, inhalation burns and damage to their lungs causing great physical pain and mental anguish and the inability to perform their usual activities.

They also claim they were forced to incur medical and hospital expenses, disfigurement, disability and the loss of a normal life.

Represented by Mike Glisson of Alton, the Mellenthins are seeking damages that "substantially exceed" $250,000, plus all costs of the suit.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder.

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