Marion Shull claims she injured her left shoulder, left arm and neck while attending a financial investments workshop for senior citizens at Ryan's Restaurant in Swansea earlier this year.

Seeking in excess of $50,000, Shull alleges she tripped over the leg of a projector during a presentation by D.C. Beckett & Co. on Jan. 17.

Represented by Paul Slocomb of Hoffman & Slocomb in St. Louis, Shull filed suit against Ryan's and D.C. Beckett on Nov. 20 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Shull claims she was solicited by D.C. Beckett to attend the workshop.

"The solicitation was directed to senior citizens and promised a free buffet lunch for those willing to listen," the complaint states.

Shull claims the defendants failed to provide safe ingress and egress to people utilizing the restaurant, failed to assess the restaurant's capacity in light of the fact that a senior citizens' seminar was taking place, failed to clear walkways of tripping hazards and failed to limit the number of senior citizens participating in the seminar.

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