Pamela McCarthy filed a dram shop suit against Bessermans Lounge and Veronica Nelson in Madison County Circuit Court Nov. 9, seeking damages in excess of $100,000.

Represented by Morgan Scroggins of Granite City, McCarthy claims she was injured on Dec. 6, 2005, when a group of intoxicated patrons initiated a fight causing Nelson to strike her in the face without warning or provocation.

She claims that prior to the night of her fight, numerous disturbances, fights and altercations took place at the Madison tavern located on 1200 Iowa Street.

McCarthy claims the patrons that started the fight were known to management to have a tendency to become rowdy and fight.

According to the complaint, Bessermans failed to provide adequate security guards to break up arguments or fights, failed to protect patrons from injury, failed to warn patrons of a dangerous condition and failed to stop serving alcoholic beverages to already intoxicated patrons.

She claims she received serious and permanent injuries causing her to suffer great pain and anguish, became liable for medical expenses and has lost wages.

"Because of the intentional and vicious acts of Veronica Nelson, the plaintiff was caused to be medically cared for by physicians," the complaint states.

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