Docs sued for not timely treating colon cancer

By Ann Knef | Aug 2, 2006

A St. Clair County woman and her husband are suing a pair of Belleville doctors for failing to timely treat her colon cancer.

Michelle and Todd Traube, represented by Rex Carr of the Rex Carr Law Firm in East St. Louis, names Deborah McDermott, M.D. and Mark Feldman, M.D. in a four-count suit filed July 28 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Traube's complaint states that she was McDermott's patient from January through November 2005. She claims McDermott, a general practitioner, was negligent for failing to:

  • Take a thorough history regarding gastrointestinal complaints with a history of blood in the stool;

  • Obtain records from the previous care provider to obtain a more thorough history;

  • Appreciate history of blood in stool and gastrointestinal history in January 2005;

  • Order a flex sig or colonoscopy in a timely manner.

    Todd Traube claims that he has been deprived of the consortium and service of his wife.

    According to the complaint, Feldman, a gastroenterologist, failed to timely perform a coloscopy. Traube was Feldman's patient beginning in September 2005.

    The complaint does not indicate when Traube was diagnosed with colon cancer.

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