New Lawsuits: Wednesday, July 26

by Steve Gonzalez |
Jul. 26, 2006, 10:00am

Joann Douglas v. Rhonda Rinck
J-Matoesian; PA-Stephen Kernan

  • Douglass claims she was permanently injured on March 14, when Rinck allegedly collided with her on Interstate 55 just north of exit 44. Douglass is seeking damages less than $50,000.
    06 L 630

    Charles Brown v. Prairie Farms Dairy
    J-Weber; PA-Ferne Wolf
  • Brown claims Prairie Farms fired him in December 2005, because he refused to engage in conduct that violated the public policy of the State of Illinois. Brown is seeking $50,000 in compensatory damages plus an appropriate amount of punitive damages.
    06 L 631

    Ronald Davis v. Rose Davis
    J-Maddox; PA-Tracy Baum
  • Ronald Davis claims he was seriously injured on Dec. 21, 2004, when Rose Davis allegedly collided with him on U.S. Route 40 and Illinois Route 143 in Saline Township. Ronald Davis is seeking damages in excess of $50,000.
    06 L 632

    Sadiq Mohyuddin and Mohyuddin Medical Center v. R.H. Donnelley, Inc.
    J-Byron; PA-Timothy Campbell
  • Mohyuddin claims he lost his reputation, good will, and income because the defendant allegedly changed the listing and publication of his personal phone number in telephone books covering geographical areas in Madison County. Mohyuddin is seeking punitive and compensatory damages in excess of $200,000.
    06 L 633

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