Memorial Hospital

Walter May's estate filed a medical malpractice suit against Belleville Memorial Hospital and Ifath Bashiruddin, M.D. in St. Clair County Circuit Court July 14, alleging that Bashiruddin negligently failed to timely diagnose and treat a perforated bowel.

According to the complaint, Bashiruddin admitted Walter to Memorial on Dec. 4, 2004, due to severe abdominal pain and distention.

May's estate, represented by special administrator Melissa May, claims Bashiruddin carelessly and failed to recognize signs and symptoms of a perforated bowel.

According to the suit, May was exposed to terminal sepsis and septic shock which resulted in multi-system organ failure and death.

The estate claims Memorial also is liable because it employs Bashiruddin.

Represented by John Hopkins of Edwardsville, the estate is seeking damages in excess of $50,000, plus all costs of the suit.

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