Unsell claims his client received threatening phone calls

By Steve Gonzalez | Jul 6, 2006

Ed Unsell

A plaintiff in the high profile civil sexual assault complaint against powerful attorney Thomas Lakin and his sons Brad Lakin and Kris Lakin, has been receiving threatening phone calls, according to attorney Ed Unsell.

"(My client) received a call from a boy by the name of Stacey Brown," Unsell wrote in a May 9 letter to Thomas Lakin's attorney Bill Lucco of Edwardsville. The letter was attached to an affidavit Unsell filed last week in response to a countersuit filed by Thomas Lakin's son, Brad Lakin.

Unsell's letter continued, "Apparently, he is the brother of Pat Brown, who is Kris Lakin's best friend. I am not going to go into details to what was said, but let it suffice it was an attempt to frighten my client.

"I believe she also received a call or an indirect communication from Rachelle whom we both know is a friend of your clients. Both these incidents may very well have been unsolicited, but I told you in our initial conversation I was going to be very sensitive to this type of behavior."

Unsell's affidavit also rebuffs Brad Lakin's contention that he never wanted the original sexual assault case to be filed under seal.

On June 29, Unsell and his clients filed motions to dismiss a $30 million countersuit lodged against them by the Lakins claiming they cannot prove malicious prosecution

Unsell states that Lucco --representing Thomas Lakin-- asked that the sexual assault complaint be withdrawn and expunged. Thomas Lakin is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old boy, among other things, and his sons are accused of covering it up.

The Lakins claimed they are victims of a $50 million extortion scheme, according to a counter civil lawsuit filed in Madison County Circuit Court May 17.

Thomas Lakin is not part of the countersuit.

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