Tax and spin

by The Madison County Record |
Jun. 18, 2006, 7:36am

To the editor:

As candidate for Madison County Treasurer, I am speaking to many taxpayers. Madison County taxpayers are complaining bitterly about their property taxes. Senior citizens are seriously considering selling their homes, because they are hard-pressed to pay their property taxes.

My own property tax bill was over 10 percent higher than the previous year.

What is the response of our elected officials to higher property taxes?

Last week an article appeared with this headline: "Property Tax Rates Fall in Madison County."

What? Our elected officials are "spinning" the bad news. They want you to believe that your rate is lower, while you pay more money.

But the taxpayers of Madison County are not stupid. They can see through this sleight of hand. And what adds to the taxpayers' anger is that the public relations firm that does the "spinning" for Madison County is paid for with taxpayers' dollars.

Don't be fooled. The levies are increasing. The assessed value of your homes may be increasing faster. The "rate" may be lower. But the bottom line is that you are paying more property taxes. For further information, see

My dad used to say, "Some people work harder to avoid work than to do the work." Elected officials in Madison County should be working hard to reduce your taxes, and not so hard to "spin" the news about your property tax bill.

As Treasurer, I will answer your questions directly, without spin. I am committed to being an advocate for the taxpayer.

Kurt Prenzler
Republican Candidate for Madison County Treasurer

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