New Lawsuits: Friday, May 26

By Steve Gonzalez | May 30, 2006

Mary Mitchell v. Dr. Patrick Masching, M.D.,
J-Byron; PA-John Hopkins

  • Mitchell alleges Masching failed to treat chest pressure and tingling/numbness in both arms causing her to suffer a heart attack on Oct. 24, 2005. Mitchell is seeking damages in excess of $50,000.
    06 L 470

    Jose Oliveira v. Midwest Sanitation Company and Jim Gasperonz
    J-Stack; PA-Joseph Hoefert
  • Oliveira claims he sustained injuries when a Midwest vehicle driven by Gasperonz violently struck him at the Roxanna landfill on April 22, 2005. Oliveira is seeking damages in excess of $50,000.
    06 L 472

    Jessica Jackson and Curtis Jackson v. James Green d/b/a James Green Enterprises
    J-Matoesian; PA-Philip Rice
  • Jessica Jackson claims she was injured when her leg went through a section of the floor at her apartment in Idlebrook Estates in Collinsville on Dec. 26, 2005. Jackson is seeking damages in excess of $100,000.
    06 L 473

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