Madison County puts brakes on forum shoppers

By Ann Knef | May 24, 2006

Out-of-state attorneys will no longer have free run in the Third Circuit Court.

Chief Judge Ann Callis announced a new rule intended to limit the cases they bring that have little connection to Madison or Bond counties.

To discourage attorneys from other jurisdictions from frequently practicing law in this circuit, the new order states:

Admission pro hac vice: Attorneys from other jurisdictions in the United States may not file pleadings or objections or otherwise participate in the trial or argument of a cause pending in this court without first being admitted pro hac vice upon motion and application duly filed by a licensed Illinois attorney.

"The Court also has established an application process to allow for the review of the admission of attorneys from other jurisdictions, as well as to discourage cases that do not belong in local courts," the order issued May 24 states.

In a press release, Callis said the goal of the rule is to limit cases brought by out-of-state attorneys to those with a legitimate and direct connection to our counties.

"Our courts are designed to serve the people of Madison and Bond Counties," Callis stated. "Cases with limited connection to our area clog our court system, delay local cases and take the time of local jurors and court employees.

"This rule and our new application process should help discourage forum shoping by out of state attorneys."

Individual circuit courts are allowed by the Supreme Court to adopt local rules. This is the second local court rule imposed since Judge Callis took office as chief judge earler this month.

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