Poetic justice

by The Madison County Record |
May 28, 2006, 3:07am

To the editor:

Lawyer Rex Carr has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Lakin Law Firm and others, at the Edwardsville Courthouse. The lawsuit alleges that plaintiffs and their lawyer Edward Unsell in a previous lawsuit against Lakin, conspired to commit "malicious prosecution" and extortion of $50 million.

What is most titillating about the lawsuit filed by Carr is that Unsell has been named as a defendant and a participant in the extortion.

It is the choice of the defendants to demand a jury trial, but I believe that a jury will never decide this lawsuit. Too much is at stake and risky for the Illinois State Bar Association to allow this suit to be adjudicated by a jury.

Jury verdicts are more likely to set a precedent that are difficult to overthrow.

Most lawsuits are extortion. If this case by Carr goes to conclusion with a jury verdict against the defendants, it will become a cookbook to sue all Illinois lawyers who manufacture lawsuits for extortion.

This lawsuit by Carr will go the way of old soldiers, just fade away.

Poetic justice.

Charles D. Sullivan

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