Customer physically, emotionally ill after discovering animal tooth in peanuts

By Ann Knef | May 22, 2006

Sam's in O'Fallon

A Sam's Club customer who claims he bit into a non-human animal tooth while munching on Planter's Salted Peanuts, is suing Kraft Foods in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Carl T. Cornett of Fayette County alleges he became violenty, physically and mentally ill after he spit an animal tooth from his mouth and into his hand.

The incident took place Aug. 25, 2005.

"Plaintiff thereafter, during the same evening, was physically ill additional times and for many days and nights thereafter was both physically ill and emotionally upset and distraught because of concern as to whether the tooth might have carried disease," the complaint states.

The lawsuit, filed May 12, claims Cornett bought a multi-pack of peanuts from the Sam's Club store in Fairview Heights. (The store actually is located within O'Fallon city limits).

Cornett, represented by attorneys from Burnside, Johnston, Choisser, Sheafor & Kelly in Vandalia, is seeking no more than $55,000 for physical illness and emotional distress.

"The sealed packet could not have contained an animal tooth but for the negligence and carelessness in packaging the peanuts owned, produced, packaged or distributed by Defendant," the complaint states.

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