Making "Headlines"

by The Madison County Record |
May 15, 2006, 2:16am


Judge Callis

In case you missed it, The Record's most well-read article, "Alton Attorney Accidentally Sues Himself,"(March 11, 2005) tickled comedian Jay Leno's funny bone during a "Headlines" segment of the Tonight Show on Monday, May 8.

As a clip of the newspaper's banner and headline appeared on the screen, Leno quipped, "Finally, a lawyer gets what's coming to him," and burst into his inimitable laughter.

Free advice?

Was embattled attorney Gary Peel, indicted on obstruction of justice, bankruptcy fraud and child pornography charges and now unemployed from the Lakin Law Firm, taking advantage of the legal world's charity?

Madison County's class action poster boy, who amassed his fortune as a masterful deposer, was seen honing his skill during "Ask a Lawyer" day at the Madison County Courthouse May 1.

Peel's tango with the criminal justice system also made the big-time recently, appearing in Chuck Shepherd's "News of the Weird," piped to more than 250 papers in the U.S. and Canada.

Princess Ann

Metaphorically speaking, The Record earned a lot of points for its opinion piece "Callis Charge," (May 8) which hailed the new chief's new-day theme and coined her nickname, "Princess," sources tell Dicta.

The next subject in the cross-hairs of her highness is curtailing the greed of out-of-town lawyers.

Callis is expected to limit lawyers who practice pro hac vice in Madison County to two lottery tickets. Further gold-digging must come by way of Illinois licensure, she is expected to declare.

Routine intimidation?

Foraging for hands to shake and minds to change, 20th Judicial Circuit Court candidate Paul Evans was not overly frightened by an alarming call he received from his wife while out campaigning.

At first unsure, Mrs. Evans grabbed binoculars and spotted a purple-capped man lying in a field behind their home staring into the couple's bedroom.

The matted grass, sure enough, left behind a human imprint.

If opponent Lloyd Cueto is looking for dirt, expect this campaign to get mighty messy.

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