She wanted more than $50,000, was offered $15,000, but ended up with only $750.

On Tuesday, a Madison County jury awarded Veva Watts a fraction of what she wanted and just five percent of what she was offered after a very short trial.

In her suit against the Alton Steak N Shake, Watts complained of throat and mouth injuries after she was served and drank bleach water on Nov. 9, 1999. She drank the liquid to swallow a pill.

Watts claimed she continues to have throat and mouth problems more than six years after the incident.

Watts was represented by attorney Bob Perica.

According to several sources who asked not to be identified, Steak N Shake offered Watts $15,000 to settle the dispute, however she refused the offer and proceeded with the trial.

After deliberating 33 minutes a jury awarded Watts with $750 for the reasonable expense of necessary medical care, treatment and services received and the present cash value of the reasonable expenses of medication.

The jury did not award any monetary damages for pain and suffering or loss of a normal life Watts allegedly sustained.

Steak N Shake was represented by John McMullin of Brown and James in St. Louis.

Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian presided over the trial.

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