Beer deliverer injured at Bel Air Bowl files suit

By Ann Knef | May 3, 2006

A beer delivery man is suing Bel Air Bowl in Belleville for injuries sustained while descending a staircase during a delivery.

David Keck, represented by Ralph T. Stenger of Belleville, claims that the bowling alley's owners were negligent for failing to properly secure a handrail to a wall adjacent to the basement steps.

The bowling alley is located at 1703 North Belt West.

"The Defendant knew, or in the exercise of ordinary care should have known, that the rail anchor was loose causing an unreasonable risk of harm to persons lawfully on its premises," the complaint states.

Keck is seeking in excess of $150,000 in damages for knee and back injuries, plus costs.

Beltline Bowl Inc., the bowling alley's parent company, also is named as a defendant.

"(Keck) used the stair railing to assist him in descending the steps and fell when the railing broke loose from the wall and he was violently thrown to the hard surface of the steps," the complaint states.

Keck claims he has incurred medical expenses, suffered pain and discomfort, lost wages and sustained an impairment of his earning capacity.

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