Peel files for unemployment benefits

By Steve Gonzalez | Apr 18, 2006

Former Lakin Law Firm attorney Gary Peel has filed for unemployment benefits, according to a financial affidavit filed in support of his request for a public defender.

Peel, under indictment for child pornography, obstruction of justice and bankruptcy fraud, claimed he could not afford counsel to represent him.

The affidavit filed April 13 in federal court indicated Peel requested unemployment benefits after his tenure with the Lakin firm ended March 22, but he has not yet received benefits.

In the affidavit, Peel stated that he held only $4,500 in cash and that the rest of his assets, except $90,000 in a 401k plan, are in control of the bankruptcy trustee.

At his arraignment April 13, Peel was ordered to surrender his passport by U.S. Magistrate Donald Wilkerson.

Peel was released on his personal recognizance but is not allowed to commit any offense in violation of federal, state or local laws while on release.

Peel's trial is set June 12.

He was ordered not to have contact with any potential witnesses. However, Wilkerson gave Peel permission to deal with his pending bankruptcy matter. Peel had sought to dismiss his case, but bankruptcy trustees and creditors have filed oppositions to the dismissal of the suit.

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