No blame

by The Madison County Record |
Apr. 16, 2006, 6:17am


Madison County Court dockets on the Cardinals Opening Day, in the brand new Busch Stadium on a gloriously perfect Monday, April 10, were unusually light.

No court session in the afternoon -- at all-- and barely enough lawyering in the morning to warrant turning on the lights.

Not that, given the means, we wouldn't do the same. Just wondering how many legal eagles attended the big event, in which the Cards beat the Brewers 6-4.

No word as to whether former Judge George Moran, with date, of course, got to take in the opener from lawyer Stephen Tillery's suite.

Weber makes good

Speaking of absent judges, it's well documented that plaintiff's attorneys, especially ones from the Lakin Law Firm, go to great lengths to avoid Circuit Judge Don Weber.

The most egregious example came by way of former Lakin attorney Thomas Maag, completely unaware of Weber sitting idle in his chambers, making an unusual request of Associate Judge Barbara Crowder to sign off on a Weber case. This tale has been reported extensively in the Record.

Recently, Weber had the rare opportunity to sign an order for a plaintiff. But alas, it was not his case. It belonged to Crowder, who was not available to approve the release of $4.5 million for a plaintiff in an eminent domain case.

He may not have been the plaintiff's first choice in lieu of an absent Crowder, but with a stroke of a pen, Weber made good... for the good of the order, of course.

Signs of the cross

To the elected officials in Madison and St. Clair Counties, congratulations for not caving to secularism.

While public schools weaken and rename Easter Break to Spring Break, our courts and counties boldly call Good Friday what it is, duly commemorating the somber occasion.

It's also encouraging that Belleville's most prominent landmark --the Square (which is really a circle)-- is embellished with Christian symbols in observance of the holiest of days: Easter.

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