New Lawsuits: Wednesday, March 29

By Steve Gonzalez | Mar 29, 2006

LaTrichda Gates v. Shop N Save
J-Maddox; PA-J. Robert Edmonds

  • Gates claims she injured her knee when she slipped on a mat that lacked coefficient of friction at the Wood River Shop N Save. Gates is seeking at least $50,000.
    06 L 281

    Shirley and John Warren v. Fetter's Landscaping
    J-Byron; PA-Joseph Hillebrand
  • Shirley Warren claims she was walking on a retaining wall built by Fetter's on Aug. 23, 2005, when a section of the wall gave way causing her to fall and break her right leg and ankle in three places. She is seeking at least $50,000 in damages.
    06 L 282

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