LaTrichda Gates filed a personal injury suit against Shop N Save and Clean The Uniform Company is Madison County Circuit Court March 29, seeking damages in excess of $50,000. She claims she slipped on a mat that lacked coefficient of friction and injured her right knee.

According to the complaint, Gates was walking through the Wood River Shop N Save store when she slipped on a floor mat that was located near an ice machine.

The incident took place June 13, 2005.

Gates claims Shop N Save allowed the floor under the mat to become slippery which caused the mat to slide when stepped on and allowed a mat without adequate coefficient of friction to be placed on a slippery floor.

She also claims that Shop N Save permitted its ice machine to cause moisture to develop underneath the floor mat which allowed the mat to slide, failed to maintain the tile floor in a manner to prevent it from becoming slippery and failed to warn her that the mat would slide from under her foot when stepped upon.

Gates claims the injury to her knee caused pain of the body and mind, loss of wages, and liability for medical expenses.

She claims that Uniform negligently placed a mat on the floor that was not reasonably safe, failed to maintain the mat and placed the mat in a location which allowed moisture to form underneath it.

Gates is represented by J. Robert Edmonds of Alton.

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