Clella Miller filed a Jones Act suit against Teco Barge Lines in Madison County Circuit Court March 17, alleging she sustained injuries to her hands, wrists, arms and thumbs from doing repetitive work.

According to the complaint, Teco Barge Lines failed to provide Miller with a reasonably safe place to work, failed to provide her with a reasonably safe vessel and equipment, failed to inspect the cooking area, failed to provide proper cooking tools, failed to provide sufficient space to do work and failed to maintain the tools so they could be operated without danger.

She also claims that Teco failed to provide her with adequate instructions regarding her job, failed to warn of the dangers associated with cumulative trauma disorders, failed to properly evaluate the workplace for conditions and work methods at risk for the development of cumulative trauma disorder and failed to institute or develop a proper ergonomic program at their work sites.

"Miller was injured while attempting to discharge her duties as a crewmember, causing Miller to sustain severe and permanent injuries," the complaint states.

Miller claims her injuries required surgery and caused her to sustain pain and suffering, a loss in earning capacity, lost wages and has become liable for medical expenses.

Represented by Zane Cagle of St. Louis, Miller is seeking a sum of money to fairly and adequately compensate her for her damages, but in excess of $50,000.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Lola Maddox.

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