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Don Weber

Paul Evans

The Metro-East judicial candidate with the most cash is also the only one running in a contested race.

With the primary election less than two weeks away, 5th Appellate Court candidate Bruce Stewart not only leads leads the entire pack of candidates with approximately $123,000 in available funds, he has out-raised his Democratic opponent Bill Berry almost 3 to 1.

Stewart, a Harrisburg circuit judge, faces Berry, a Collinsville attorney, in the March 21 primary. Interestingly, neither candidate listed campaign expenditures between Jan. 1 and Feb. 19, the period covered by the D-2 Pre-election Report.

Candidates were required to file "D-2s" with the Illinois State Board of Elections on March 7. Donations of $500 or more that come in after Feb. 19 and before the primary must be reported within three days to the state on separate statements, the "A-1."

Berry, who considers himself an "outsider," has raised approximately $48,690 since the beginning of the year. Most of that, $31,100, Berry lent to his campaign.

He spent approximately $37,000 late last year on a large billboard, polling, a video taping and other campaign expenses.

Stewart spent nearly $23,000 in the last six months of 2005 mainly on advertising, fund-raising expenditures, printing and other campaign expenses.

The winner of the Democratic appellate court primary race will face Appellate Court Judge Stephen McGlynn in the November general election.

McGlynn, a Republican, is running unopposed in the primary. He raised approximately $19,000 since the beginning of this year.

At a Glance: Judicial Candidates' D-2/A-1 Pre-Election Reports

5th Appellate District Candidates

Stephen McGlynn
Largest individual donation: $1,000--contribution from Waterloo businessman George Obernagel
In-kind: $2,850 (printing, food) from JUSTPAC and Columbia attorney Tom Adams
Expenditures: $0
Funds available: $19,380

Bruce Stewart
Largest individual donation: $5,000-contribution from five separate donors: Favre Law Office LLC; Market Street Bancshares Inc.; Lakin Law Firm; SimmonsCooper and Ronald Osman
In-kind: $$6,235 for fund raising, accounting, staffing
Expenditures: $0
Funds available: $122,909

Bill Berry
Largest individual donation: $9,600--loan from Bill Berry on 1/19
In-kind: $0)
Expenditures: $0
Funds available: $48,690

3rd Circuit Madison County

Don Weber
Largest individual donation: $6,000-loan from Don Weber on 1/19
In-kind: $10,078 (printing, direct mail) from JUSTPAC
Expenditures: $0
Funds available: $14,752

Dave Hylla
Largest individual donation: $6,000 loan and $6,000 contribution from Dave Hylla
In-kind: $0
Expenditures: $235 (not itemized)
Funds available: $54,838

James Hackett
Largest individual donation: $2,500-contribution from East Alton attorney Ed Unsell
In-kind: $0
Expenditures: $0
Funds available: $12,700

Barbara Crowder
Largest individual donation: $1,500-contribution from the Goldenberg firm in Edwardsville
In-kind: $0
Expenditures: $0
Funds available: $35,605

20th Circuit St. Clair County

Paul Evans
Largest individual donation: $1,000-contribution from Belleville attorney Mark Deschaine
In-kind: $42 (not itemized)
Expenditures: $0
Funds available: $7,000

Lloyd Cueto
Largest individual donation: $600-contribution from Eloy Cueto of Troy
In-kind: $0
Expenditures: $0
Funds available: $27,300

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