To the editor:

On Jan. 30, 2006, The Record ran an opinion piece entitled "Dicta," "Pulling Strings."

In the article you stated, "So color us unsurprised that a Dicta source spied Amiel Cueto at a meeting of St. Clair County Judges at Belleville's Washington Street Grille on January 19."

There was no meeting of Circuit Court Judges on January 19. Whatever meeting you are referring to, Amiel Cueto has never been invited or attended a Circuit Judge meeting.

Please print this letter in an equally prominent position to correct this error and correct the misinformation your readers have received.

Circuit Court Judges of St. Clair County:

Hon. Jan V. Fiss, Chief Circuit Judge
Hon. John Baricevic
Hon. Lloyd A. Cueto
Hon. Annette A. Eckert
Hon. Robert P. LeChien
Hon. William C. Norton
Hon. Michael O'Malley
Hon. Milton S. Wharton

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