Just Ask Gonzo: Hustler Club yet to answer men's room injury complaint

By Steve Gonzalez | Jan 30, 2006

What ever happened to the guy who had a problem at the Hustler Club in Washington Park? Did he ever get paid?

Sammy Clayton

Gonzo: Actually, nothing has happened at all.

David Farley of Granite City filed suit against Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, claiming a piece of wood that "fell from above" in the men's room injured him in "diverse and numerous" ways.

Represented by Martin Mengarelli of Granite City, Farley is seeking in excess of $50,000 in damages for alleged head injuries he sustained at the Washington Park strip club on Jan. 18, 2005.

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club is owned by LFP Inc. of Beverly Hills, Calif.

According to Farley, LFP failed to make its property reasonably safe for those lawfully upon it, failed to secure a piece of wood so it would not fall, and failed to warn patrons of the dangerous condition the wood created.

Farley claims he sustained "diverse and numerous" injuries to his head, suffered great pain and suffering, became liable for medical expenses in an endeavor to heal his injuries and has lost great sums in earnings he otherwise would have earned if not for his injuries.

The Los Angles City Police Department served LFP on Nov. 29, 2005, and it has yet to respond to the complaint. There are no pending hearings.

I love suits where people sue someone when they slip and fall on ice. Ice is a natural act and people and businesses should not be held liable for someone who slips on it. Any person old enough to visit a casino has to know ice is slippery. How much did the Alton Belle have to fork over for the lady who did not see the ice and fell?

Travis T.A. Collins
Hoquiam, Wash.

Gonzo: It looks like that will be decided on July 17 when the case will be up for a jury trial.

Betty Cunningham filed a $50,000 suit against the Alton Belle Casino Feb. 3, 2005, in Madison County Circuit Court seeking damages from a Feb. 15, 2003, fall at the casino.

Cunningham claims she slipped and fell while walking across the walkway and stairway, sustaining serious and permanent injuries.

According to the suit, Alton Belle allowed the stairway and walkway to remain in an unsafe condition with an unnatural accumulation of snow and ice, although it knew the unnatural accumulation created a dangerous condition for people using the area.

Cunningham claims she suffered great pain and mental anguish, both in mind and body, and will continue to suffer in the future, and claims she has become liable for large sums of money for medical care.

She is represented by Alton attorney Steve Selby.

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