Brady should withdraw, give Oberweis a chance

By The Madison County Record | Jan 22, 2006

State Senator Bill Brady is a good conservative Republican who may have a very promising career in Illinois politics ahead of him; however, now is not the time for him to run for governor.

Brady is polling in the very low single digits, and his numbers continue to decline.

If Senator Brady stubbornly stays in the Republican primary race, he will take votes away from his fellow conservative Republican, Jim Oberweis, who, as the polls are showing, is the only candidate with a chance to beat the liberal, Democrat-like Judy Barr-Topinka.

If Brady is the spoiler, and aids Topinka in getting the Republican primary nod to run against Blagojevich, he unwittingly places both the future of the Illinois GOP, and his own political career in jeopardy.

Senator Brady, we the majority of Illinois Republicans respectfully ask that you do the right thing and bravely withdraw from this primary election.

Both the Illinois Republican Party and your future political career will be well served by such a noble and selfless act.

Sarah Marie Barber
Villa Park, Ill.

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