Pop's in Sauget

A landmark watering hole, Pop's Saloon in Sauget, faces two separate Dram Shop lawsuits filed by Farmington, Mo. residents James Snider and Linda Snider.

The suits, filed Dec. 27, 2005 in St. Clair County Circuit Court, also name Dino Murabito of St. Louis as a defendant.

According to the suits, Murabito consumed alcohol while he was at Pop's on Jan. 24, 2005, and became intoxicated.

The Sniders claim that they were driving westbound on Interstate 55/70 when Murabito allegedly collided with the rear of the vehicle in which James was driving and Linda was a passenger. Both of them were injured, the suits state.

The plaintiffs claim that they were made lame, sore and disabled and suffered extensive injuries to their bodies and limbs, some of which may be permanent.

According to the complaints, James suffered several broken ribs and a fractured right hand. Linda suffered multiple pelvic fractures, surgical lumbar pelvic fractures, a closed head injury and a fractured nasal bone.

The complaints also claim that both of them have spent great sums of money for medical care and that they became unable to work and lost wages.

The suit claims Murabito owed the Sniders and others on the roadway a duty to drive in a reasonable fashion, but breached that duty by driving his vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

They also claim that Murabito was driving at excessive speed for the conditions, failed to reduce his speed to avoid a rear-end collision, failed to maintain proper control of his car and failed to keep a proper lookout.

"Murabito exhibited willful and wanton misconduct and in conscious disregard for the safety of others in that he consumed alcoholic beverages rendering him intoxicated as contemplated by and in violation of Illinois Statute," the complaint states.

The Sniders are each seeking damages in excess of $50,000 from Pop's and also an additional $50,000 from Murabito.

They also are each seeking punitive damages in excess of $50,000 from Murabito, plus additional amounts for legal fees and expenses in an amount sufficient to punish Murabito.

The Sniders are represented by Stuart Cofman of the St. Louis based Cofman & Townsley.

05 L 762 (20th Circuit)
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