A man irked that he paid more for a used Komatsu Crawler Bulldozer than he should have, filed suit in federal court seeking damages in excess of $150,000.

James Reed claims that on Sept. 21, 2001 he purchased the bulldozer from Roland Machinery, Komatsu's agent in Fayette County, but before it was delivered to Roland, Reed claims it was painted and had parts added to match a new machine.

"The representation was made knowingly and intentionally by Komatsu in order to get a new price for a used machine," the complaint states.

Reed claims had he known what was going on he never would have purchased the machine.

He also claims that he has been damaged in the amount he paid for the machine, the interest he lost on the money since 2001, and that he cannot sell the machine without properly representing the fact that it is used.

Reed is seeking a judgment against Komatsu for $186,078.35 plus interest and costs.

"Komatsu's acts were willful and malicious, and warrant an assessment of punitive damages."

Reed is represented by John Allen of St. Louis.

The case has been assigned to Disrict Judge David Herndon.


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