1940 Tudor Avenue in East St. Louis

An East St. Louis homeowner filed suit against Advance Structures in St. Clair County Nov. 4, alleging that a contractor poured a shoddy foundation.

Frederick Mosley claims Advance Structures, a company owned by Virgil Straeter, did not meet or exceed building code requirements as required by contract.

According to Mosley, Advance failed to properly form up the areas where concrete was to be placed resulting in a foundation that was not square, level or plumb.

“Advance Structures failed to provide any continuous reinforcement in the foundational walls, failed to provide reinforcement to the concrete slab floor and failed to finish the concrete slab in a professional or workmanlike manner,” the complaint states.

Mosley was building a 40- by- 60 by 14-foot pre-engineered building located on his property at 1940 Tudor Ave.

He claims that the removal and replacement of the alleged shoddy work will exceed $50,000, but the actual cost is still unknown. Mosley states that he spent $2,000 seeking assistance from a licensed professional to develop a remedy for the foundation.

Mosley also claims that the agreement, in which he paid $30,975 to Advance, was to include paying the concrete company for its product. But concrete supplier has not been paid, Mosley alleges.

Represented by Timothy Bates of Belleville, Mosley is seeking damages in excess of $100,000 plus costs of the suit.

05 L 633 (20th Circuit)

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