Infant's death blamed on Fisher-Price

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 15, 2005

Monica Bolling Williamson filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Fisher-Price, K-Mart, Lifestar Ambulance Services and Danny Williamson, Jr. alleging the defendants were responsible for the death of her son.

Williamson claims that on Nov. 11, 2003, her son, Khalil Williamson, was sleeping in a bassinet of the Fisher-Price Nursery Center when it collapsed causing him to slide out and into the bottom of the play yard. The child's death was attributed to injuries sustained in the accident.

Represented by Roy Dripps and Rodney Caffey of the Lakin Law Firm, Williamson is seeking damages in excess of $750,000 plus all costs of the suit, which was filed Nov. 9 in Madison County Circuit Court.

According to Williamson, the nursery center was unreasonably dangerous and defective because Fisher-Price failed to:

  • Design the nursery center with safe securement to the play yard;

  • Warn consumers concerning asphyxiation hazard associated with the bassinet not being securely attached to the play yard;

  • Provide adequate instructions on design deficiencies;

  • Provide adequate instructions concerning the proper positioning and securing of the bassinet to the play yard;

  • Design or manufacture the nursery center with the bassinet securely fastened to the play yard’s top rails; and

  • Design the play yard in a manner not requiring the use of bassinet support clips.

    Williamson also claims that Lifestar Ambulance failed to initiate an intravenous line and failed to administer advanced cardiac life support medication to her son.

    According to the complaint, K-Mart was negligent because it recommended people buy the Fisher-Price Nursery Center.

    Danny Williamson, Jr. was named in the suit because he did not follow instructions while assembling the nursery center. The complaint does not indicate his relationship to the plaintiff.

    Williamson claims that Khalil suffered pain and suffering prior to his death.

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