Bank customer claims floor tiles too slick in suit

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 3, 2005

Brian Garrett of East Alton filed suit against US Bank in Bethalto and its janitorial service, Tiger Company, in Madison County Circuit Court Oct. 31 for injuries he received at the bank.

Garrett claims that on April 12, 2004, he was entering the bank to get a license plate sticker when he slipped and fell on the ceramic tile flooring in the foyer. The floor, he claims, had a greasy and moist film on its surface.

According to Garrett, the bank selected floor tile for the entrance which had an unreasonably dangerous slick surface when exposed to moist conditions. He claims the bank failed to install floor mats over the ceramic tile and used inappropriate cleaning products for the particular type of ceramic flooring.

The suit claims the janitorial service, which is owned by Marjorie Levi, failed to warn the bank that they should install floor mats over the tile, even though Levi knew that the flooring was extremely slick.

Garrett claims he sustained severe and permanent injuries to his left elbow, right knee, neck, and thoracic spine and aggravated a pre-existing condition of multiple sclerosis.

His injuries have caused him great pain and mental anguish, medical expenses and the loss of large sums of money he otherwise would have gained from the pursuit of his usual occupation, Garrett claims.

In February, Garrett filed the same complaint, however, it was removed to federal court.

He is represented by Mary Massa and Greg Becker of Granite City.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian.
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