St. Clair County Jail

Seeking $2.5 million in damages, imprisoned Dorian Bell filed a civil rights violation complaint in federal court claiming injuries for slipping and falling in the St. Clair County Jail shower.

Bell claims his left knee cap popped and moved to the back of his leg while he was in the jail shower Sept. 18.

According to Bell’s Oct. 24 handwritten complaint, he has filed numerous medical forms complaining of his injury, but he has only received x-rays and a narcotic analageic, Vicodin, to relieve pain. He claims he cannot apply pressure to his left leg.

Since his fall, Bell claims he has no feeling or movement in his left toe and his knee has swelled to twice the average size even though the x-rays were negative.

Bell claims that a jail physician advised him to be seen at a hospital because it appeared he was suffering from a torn ligament.

But nothing has happened "other than getting pills pushed down his throat,” Bell claims.

“I feel like this violates my constitutional rights,” Bell wrote.

Bell also lists six other inmates who can testify to what has happened to him since his fall.

“I want 2.5 million dollars for the damage of my leg and because of the mental stress I am going through, and I want to go to the hospital to get my leg fixed,” Bell writes.

Bell’s case has been assigned to District Judge David Herndon.


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