Two bicyclists who claim they were permanently injured after a run-in with a pickup truck hauling a camper, are suing the driver in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

David Howard, the lead bicyclist, claims he fell violently to the ground after being struck by Ronald Boyer on a Fairview Heights frontage road, Oct. 3, 2003.

According to the complaint filed Oct. 3, the second rider, Paul Moskovitz, struck Howard's fallen body and bicycle causing him to fall violently to the ground.

Howard and Moskovitz claim Boyer operated his vehicle without keeping a proper lookout, failed to operate his vehicle in a proper manner, failed to yield to bicycle traffic and failed to keep his vehicle under control.

Howard claims he sustained severe, permanent and progressive injuries, damage to his nerves, muscles and soft tissues, a concussion, headaches and damage to his right knee, became liable for medical expenses, is unable to sleep at night due to the discomforts he experiences and great mental anguish and pain.

Moskovitz claims he sustained injuries to his shoulder, collar bone, ribs, arm and leg, became liable for medical expenses, lost wages, is unable to sleep at night, and experiences great mental anguish and pain.

Howard and Moskovitz are each seeking damages in excess of $50,000. They are represented by James Parrot of St. Louis.

05 L 572 (20th Circuit)

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